UT Gardens 2018 Plant Sale


University of Tennessee’s faculty, staff, and students got an early bird special for UT Gardens’ 2018 Plant Sale. Saturday, September 29th will be the day the sale is open to both the public and UT affiliates. Tennessee recognizes UT Gardens, part of the UT Institute of Agriculture, as the state’s official botanical gardens. They are accessible to many in the state, with locations in Knoxville, Jackson, and Crossville. According to UT Gardens’ website, “4,000 annuals, perennials, herbs, tropical plants, trees, shrubs, vegetables, and ornamental grasses are evaluated each year.” The gardens’ missions are to educate and inspire the public to learn more about plants. At this year’s plant sale, customers can choose from a healthy selection of edibles, conifers, shrubs, and trees. Along with each plant comes with instructions on how t care for your new green friend. If the instructions are not clear enough, there are plenty of UT Gardens’ associates and master gardeners who can answer your questions.


UT Gardens’ suggest this is a great time to stock up on plants. The cooler temperatures of the fall weather combined with the higher chances of rain are agreeable conditions to start planting. Some plants the sale will feature are the extremely colorful ‘Double Play Candy Corn’ Spiraea, the bright yellow and red ‘Mt. Airy’ Fothergilla, and other gorgeous plants.


If you happen to be a member of UT Gardens all purchases will have a 10% discount. Signing up for a membership and all the sales of the plants will directly go to benefit the gardens. Funding is important for the gardens as their mission is to educate and inspire the general public about plants. UT Gardens offer workshops all year, and some of those include holiday wreath making, taking care of succulents in your home and other plant-care subjects. The gardens also provide chances for field trips, charity events, and rentals. Again, being a member pays off as there is a discount for a majority of their events and items.

The sale will last from 9am-2pm on Saturday, and will only be at the Knoxville location. It is a great way for green thumbs and curious planters to gain more plants and knowledge about Tennessee’s gardens.


Here’s a complete list of all plants that will be sold:


Knoxville Flea Market

clothesOn the weekend of Sept. 14-16th, locals packed the Knoxville Expo Center to whip out their wallets. The Knoxville Flea Market is a market that sets up multiple times throughout the year to sell second-hand goods, crafts, and other merchandise. With the incentive of no admission with free parking, hundreds flocked to the expo center to shop at over 300 booths.

The market consisted of several, long aisles. Along these aisles were booths selling clothes, jewelry, and even common household items like detergent. If the flea market is next on your list of upcoming events, give yourself a flexible amount of time to browse. Doing a full walk-around in the market takes about an hour. If you’re serious about buying items know that foot traffic can be slow, expect to carve out at least a couple hours of your time.

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One of the most interesting booths in the market to be on the lookout for is the taxidermy booth. Keep an eye out for animal mounts, skeletons, and maybe even a lifelike replica of King Tut’s sarcophagus. It is a booth with a variety of spooky items that are perfect for upcoming Halloween celebrations. If you have any questions about the objects, don’t be discouraged by the booth’s dark vibe. The owner seemed satisfied to answer any curious buyers’ questions.




For anyone who missed out on the flea market, there will be other chances. The next market will be at the expo center on October 19th-21st. 3-7pm Friday, 10-6pm Saturday, and 10-4pm Sunday. The Knoxville Flea Market is also part of Stewart Promotions, a company that sponsors flea markets in Indiana and Kentucky if you cannot make it to the Knoxville location.

Learn more about the flea markets by going to their website:


If you are a potential seller looking to show your booth click this:


Directions to the flea markets can be found here: